Arguably my most well-known creative outlet is the YouTube channel I started in 2010 where I do weird covers of all kinds of different songs, be it video game tunes, viral hits, Anime openings or what have you.

The general idea behind it is simple: It’s a hub for cover songs that belong to neither of my bands. I originally planned to explore a variety of different styles and genres, but most songs ended up being either metal or hard rock covers.

Here’s a complete list of songs:

7th August 2018

Castlevania heavy metal remix featuring my vocals released on OC ReMix

As you probably know I'm a contributor to OverClocked ReMix, which is a jury-curated portal showcasing arrangements/covers (here: remixes) of video game music — and much, much more! It's one of the greatest place on the internet if you're into video game music, trust me. Two of my songs already made it on there, one being "You're Not Alone! / Our…
Still from "Our Darkest Dreams" video by Blake Inc. Covers
21st December 2015

Our Darkest Dreams

What if somebody took two of the most-known songs of PSX-era JRPGs — Final Fantasy IX's "You're Not Alone!" and Chrono Cross's "Time's Scar" — added vocals and made a progressive rock opera out of it? Find out!
Our Darkest Dreams Covers
11th November 2013

The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)

Metal cover of Ylvis's anthem to everyone's favourite vulpine: "The Fox" aka "What Does the Fox Say?" gets the typical Blake Inc. treatment with a heavy metal arrangement, in-your-face vocals and a silly video.
Still from Set Fire to the Rain by Blake Inc. Covers
22nd December 2011

Set Fire to the Rain

Hard rock cover of Adele's smash hit "Set Fire to the Rain".
31st March 2011 in Covers


The Pokémon theme and the Power Rangers Opening Song by The Mighty RAW (Go Go Power Rangers!) thrown into a heavy metal blender. My best-known cover.
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9th November 2010 in Covers


An overly emotional, acoustic rendition of Linkin Park's famous song "Crawling", featuring sad piano and very dramatic bongos, filmed on an old-ass DV camera.
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13th September 2010 in Covers

Körperzellen Rock (Jede Zelle…)

A German-language new age / positivity / spirit healing song, loud guitars, Halford-esque screams and a heavy metal arrangement — what could go wrong?
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