Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 7 compilation released with an original song of mine!

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Chiptunes = WIN Vol. 7 album cover

Chiptunes = WIN releases a compilation of kick-ass chiptunes each year. A track of mine made it onto the seventh volume!

I’ve previously announced it on Facebook and Twitter, now it’s time to share it here!

Legendary chiptune community/netlabel Chiptunes = WIN has just released the seventh volume of their compilation — and I’m one of the lucky 51 people to have made it onto the record. This is a tremendous honor and with my first publicly released chiptune no less!

“Tides” is heavily inspired by ’70s heavy metal and modern occult rock, but composed entirely on a Nintendo Entertainment System — you know, the old gray lunchbox — or rather an emulation of its soundchip. I’m pretty confident it would play like that on the actual console, though.

Veteran chiptune composer Heosphoros put it best:

“I feel like [Tim] Follin just got back from a Judas Priest concert”

That being said: Do definitely get the whole compilation, this is as good as chiptune gets. There’s such incredibly talent on this record, I’m not sure where I fit in, but I trust the judges’ judgment. 😀

Castlevania heavy metal remix featuring my vocals released on OC ReMix

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As you probably know I’m a contributor to OverClocked ReMix, which is a jury-curated portal showcasing arrangements/covers (here: remixes) of video game music — and much, much more! It’s one of the greatest place on the internet if you’re into video game music, trust me.

Two of my songs already made it on there, one being “You’re Not Alone! / Our Darkest Dreams” of Final Fantasy IX fame and the title track to “Deflektor” which I made with my band Zero Division all the way back in 2010.

I’ve teamed up with Jorito, one of OC ReMix’s most prolific remixers, and lent vocals to his kick-ass heavy metal rendition of a tune from the original Castlevania game. Guitar duties were handled by the wickedly talented Tuberz McGee. Check both of them out and quick!

The tune, aptly called “This Wicked Heart of Mine” can be found here:

I’d be truly flattered if you checked it out!

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‘Vampires Dawn 3: The Crimson Realm’ Prototype Released with My Music

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I have been collaborating with German video game designer Alexander Koch — more well known under his pseudonym Marlex — and his video game company Dawnatic Games in the past and contributed music to the games Vampires Dawn II, Elemental Mage, Flower Power Gecko and Battle Towers.

I’m very happy to announce that after years of inactivity and uncertainty concerning the Vampires Dawn franchise, Marlex has released a prototype / playable teaser of the long-awaited sequel Vampires Dawn 3: The Crimson Realm, of which I wrote the title track.

You may see his announcement and download the prototype via this website.

While the details of my involvement into this project are still not set in stone, I’m positive the title music will not be the only track I contribute to VD3 and hope you’re as excited about the project as I am!

Free Music Section Live!

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There were some obsolete tunes that sadly never found their way into a project. Rather than gathering proverbial dust on my hard drive, I’ve uploaded them on this homepage.

The best thing is: you may use these tracks for your (non-commercial) projects! Just head to my free music page for more information.

I also redesigned my Blake Inc. page. You should have a more visually appealing view (including thumbnails) of the videos now. The broken links should be fixed, too!

New music tutorials page and I’m on Facebook

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As the homepage is nearing it’s completion, there’s a new section of the page called music tutorials. There, I will share some of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years, so you don’t have to figure things out for yourself. 🙂

The first tutorial, called How to Arrange for Instruments You Don’t Play is already online. If that’s something you’d be interested in it’d be super awesome if you gave it a read.

Other than that, I have finally gotten around to creating a Facebook page for myself. I’d really appreciate a like. Thanks a ton!