My Services

Take a look at what I offer and how I could help your project, band, or yourself.

Music Composition

I offer original music composition for a variety of media. While I specialize in video game music, I’m happy to discuss any scoring needs you have.

Vocals & Vocal Coaching

If you need a versatile male singer for demo, backing or lead vocals: drop me a line! Likewise, I offer coaching to vocalists who want to improve their live and studio performance.

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Mixing & Mastering

From song idea to first draft all the way to finished export: I help bring your music to life as producer, mixing and mastering engineer.

Band/Music Production

Sometimes, an outside perspective is helpful in developing your unique sound: I am always very happy to help emerging bands and artists fulfill their potential.

Oh my God, slow down!

I know, that’s a lot of different things to offer, but in the course of my fifteen year musical journey, I was provided with the opportunity to work in a lot of different projects in a lot of different roles with a lot of different people. I consider myself a bit of a jack of all trades and I’m positive I’ll be able to help your project — whatever it may be.

The quickest and easiest way to find out if I’m the right person for the task is to get in touch with me.