Music! Music! Music! That’s what it’s all about, right? Here’s some very different demos including both original compositions for a variety of purposes and media and some re-arrangements/covers of other people’s stuff.

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Currently, I don’t self-host my songs. I use YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud for that. Flip side is, you will be leaving my website and thus my privacy policy won’t cover you anymore. Okay? Cool!

Original Music


Epic Choral/Orchestral Intro

Rita’s Theme

East Asian Anime-Style Loop

Main Theme for Aphelion

Orchestral Overture


Trance/Techno Instrumental

Original Retro Game Music

If you haven’t guessed it — and how is it even possible to navigate this far into the page without noticing that — I’m a huge nerd. I have a soft spot for old chiptunes, especially of the NES and SNES era. Here’s a demo showcasing my foray into old school video game music.


SNES-Style Village Theme

Re-Arrangements / Covers

A bit of trivia: BLAKE INC. was originally the name associated with my YouTube channel, where I cover things. Weird things. The channel’s name became my official pen name, but the covers never went away. Here’s some of them. And here’s more.

You’re Not Alone! (Final Fantasy IX)

Rock Opera Cover

The Fox

Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Cover


Sometimes, the music I make makes its way into a physical release. Then I get all proud and excited and have to brag — this is the spot for that.

2017Party for the PeopleThe Love Dictatorscomposition, production, mix, vocals, art direction
2011Into the UnknownZero Divisioncomposition, production, co-engineering, lyrics, vocals, art direction
2010Through the NightZero Divisioncomposition, production, co-engineering, lyrics, vocals, art direction
2009StreetlightsBEAMco-production, guitars, vocals
2009DiscoBALLSThe Love Dictatorscomposition, production, mix, mastering, vocals, art direction
2007HeartBEATSThe Love Dictatorscomposition, production, mix, mastering, vocals, art direction


All video games I have contributed music to. Want your game’s name here? Get in touch!

TBAVampires Dawn 3: The Crimson RealmPC
2010Aphelion – Episode II: Wings of OmegaXbox Live Indie
2010Aphelion – Episode I: Graves of EarthXbox Live Indie
2009Flower Power GeckoMobile
2008Elemental MageMobile
2008Battle TowersMobile
2007Vampires Dawn: Deceit of HereticsMobile
2005Vampires Dawn II: Ancient BloodPC