Music Tutorials

Some musicians treat knowledge as a property that can only be sold, not shared. That’s not my philosophy. Over the course of the years I’ve learned a thing or two — and I’m happy to offer music tutorials on a variety of subjects, including but not limited to music production, composition, songwriting and singing.

Songwriting, Arrangement & Composition

A violin

How to Arrange for Instruments You Don’t Play

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Arranging or composing for instruments you have no in-depth knowledge of is evidently something most composers and producers will have to deal with at some point. And it can be quite frustrating if you don't know how to tackle this. So I'd like to share my approach to this challenge.

Promotion & Booking

Man standing in front of a pedal board during a live gig

Why “Don’t Play for Free” Is Terrible Advice for New Bands

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Many blogs about self-marketing and music production suggest saying no to free gigs. Artists shouldn’t play for free – here's why they sometimes should.

Vocals & Singing

A cup of chamomile tea might help.

Singing with a Cold or Sore Throat

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There’s a gig that you’ve been looking forward to for months and now that the day is approaching, a cold has got you firmly in its grasp. The result: your throat is sore and your voice is all but gone. As a vocalist, a sore throat can be a major, performance-threatening condition. While there is no sure-fire way of fixing your…