Free Music

In case you’re looking for free music for use in projects, video games, movies, animations, YouTube videos or whatever you kids need background music for nowadays, I know a guy who might help you out. (It’s me.)

Here’s a collection of music that never found their way into anything useful. And even though some of these songs are very old — some even incomplete — and don’t necessarily reflect my current level of skill, they might prove useful to some of you. And so, rather than have these tunes collect dust on my hard drive, I’d thought I’d share my little musical scrapyard.

All of these songs are completely free to use in personal, non-commercial projects. The only condition is that you follow these rules. For use in commercial projects please contact me beforehand.

A Life Forsaken (0:52)

strings, orchestral, overture, tragic

A sentimental and melancholic orchestral track mostly consisting of a string ensemble and solo violins with light brass. Could be used for departing scenes or scenes of loss and tragedy. Doesn’t loop.


Behind Eyes and Minds (3:06)

electronic, futuristic, ambient, atmosphere, dark

A dark and brooding, progressively electronic ambient tune, heavy on atmosphere. Originally an intro for an old band of mine, hence the static at the end! Should loop with editing.


Golly! Greens! (3:26)

easy-listening, guitar, jazzy, jam

The focus in on the guitar is heavy here, it’s more of a jam than anything else. Easy-listening background kind of music with a woodwinds part and some pads and strings in the background. Loops.


Phjall (2:48)

emotional, melancholic, piano, guitar, chilly

Starting with a really chilly and cold synthesizer, then develops into a (much warmer) acoustic guitar and piano song with light drums. Very emotional and melancholic in total, but not overbearing. Should loop with some editing.


Swelling Tides (2:06)

ambient, electronic, pad, brooding

This is such a non-song, consisting solely of dark electronic and progressive pad chords, but it could still be used for scenes where a brooding, dense and suffocating atmosphere is needed. Should loop with some editing.


The Old World (2:22)

orchestral, dark, dense, crescendo

A progressive, rather dark orchestral tune with a sad violin and (a not-so-sad) flute playing the lead melodies, all culminating in a giant crescendo. Does not loop very well.


Winter Journey (1:31)

sad, piano, woodwinds, moving

A song with focus on piano and woodwinds, sad and tragic with just the right amount of hope sparkling in the distance. Yep, it’s that poetic! Should loop with some editing.


At the Mercy of the Wind (1:13)

folk, ethnic, baroque, percussive, celtic

A baroque-themed, celtic-inspired, percussive little tune complete with percussion, harpsichord and a very odd, old reed instrument I can’t even name. Should loop with some editing.


Elevation (1:57)

epic, orchestral, overture, tense, progressive

This orchestral track is all about progression. Starting slowly with light strings and percussion, only to go into a full choral blast, followed by a woodwind interlude and, eventually, a bright and epic climax. Doesn’t loop.


Loss (0:44)

sad, piano, game over

A sad, tragic, negative piano jingle with some very light strings in the background. Could be use as a game over theme for games or during a sad discovery. Doesn’t loop.


Super Happy Joy Tune (2:48)

happy, bright, playful

Brutal death metal. 😉 Nah, just look at the tags: it’s a steel drum, pan flute, harpsichord and harp powered pile of happiness! Should loop with some editing.


The Nether Realms (1:56)

ethnic, oriental, progressive, orchestral

Attention: Unfinished song! An ethnic tune-in-the-making that features predominantly oriental and orchestral instrumentation with percussion. Could be used for some sort of oriental level or scenery. Does not loop.


White Swan Waltz (1:17)

waltz, classical, cheerful, carefree

It’s a waltz. An orchestral one at that. Swans swimming gracefully in a lake, children playing, a couple of teenage special unit graduates dancing awkwardly at a ball, the antagonist brutally murdering the love interest… wait.


Need something original?

whatever, you, so, desire

If none of these tracks quite cut it, there’s always the option to inquire for an original composition, so you can get the music you want — tailor-made for your project.

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