Register: Baritone/Tenor
Languages: English, German
Styles: Pop/Rock, Heavy Metal, Folk, Big Band
Range: A2–C5; A5 with falsetto.

I’ve racked up about ten years of experience, both live and in the studio. For the same period, I’ve been studying under vocal coach Renate Otta. But enough chit-chat. Here’s a demo reel on my SoundCloud page (external).

Quit yappin', start singin'

As I’m currently expanding my portfolio, I’m looking for opportunities to collaborate as a vocalist.

I’m open to just about any kind of music/project. Be it as a session musician / demo vocalist, backing vocalist, feature/guest artist or lead singer — I just like to sing. 🙂

Whether you need a full-scale/polished vocal production or just a rough demo — I’d be very glad to discuss your ideas. Drop me a line!

Vocal Coaching

You’re a vocalist yourself? Great! I love working with other vocalists, whether you’re looking to collaborate, need advice or just want to share some war stories.

Whether you’re an experienced vocalist that just needs some pointers (and an unbiased set of ears) or you’ve just entered the wonderful but scary world of being a singer: I’d be happy to share my expertise with you and help develop your voice — both literally and figuratively.

Or perhaps you’d like to check out some music tutorials I’ve prepared? In any case, I’d love for you to get in touch with me.