Chiptunes, Chiptunes, Chiptunes!

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Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 8 Cover Image
Chiptunes = WIN is already at Vol. 8. If you think a compilation in its eighth installment can’t have any kick-ass music, boy, you’re wrong!

Remember last year, when I was extremely honored to have an original chiptune called “Tides” included on the Chiptune = WIN: Vol. 7 sampler?

Now, I’m equally as excited to announce that I made it onto this year’s compilation, Chiptune = WIN: Vol. 8, as well! Yet another original song called “Supersonic Proving Grounds” was recently featured there, and it has something of a history: it started out as a level music for a space shoot ’em up game, got re-arranged for my heavy metal band, Zero Division, and then went full circle to become a five-and-a-half-minutes-long progressive chiptune metal extravaganza!

Like last year, the track was composed entirely inside the limitations of the Nintendo Entertainment System using a software called FamiTracker. And I’m super proud of the result!

But don’t take my word for it, see what reviewer Pixel_Guy wrote:

The progressive and vigorous nature of this track gives me goosebumps. Blake Inc. builds an enchanting piece of music that will take the listener through the different stages of an incredible adventure. The amazing evolution of the theme is the engaging point that will keep the people at the edge of the seat all the time. With an undeniable allusion to VGM, ‘Supersonic Proving Grounds’ makes exquisite use of the tension and release principle to boost the storytelling and take the melodic and rhythmic development to the next level. Blake Inc. doesn’t contain himself and, using just the base channels for the NES, gives us a track that feels full all the time and makes sure to keep the listener’s attention for over five minutes – that’s something not everyone can make achieving such level of greatness, which makes of it a sublime piece of music.

Hey, I’m the one having goosebumps here!

There’s a ton of other amazing artists on the record that need equal as much (if not more) checking out than I do, so please do yourself the favor and listen to the whole compilation. It. Is. Lit. 🍅

Here’s how to listen to the song:

Bandcamp | Soundcloud | YouTube

New Chiptune Section

As I can’t see myself quitting chiptunes anytime soon and I also have an original chiptune album in the works, I decided to create a chiptune section on this very website.

So, if you haven’t already — maybe check it out, yes?