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Linkin Park Acoustic Cover

Acoustic version of Linkin Park’s »Crawling«.

I froze my butt off in a t-shirt at 0°C (~30°F), I was thrown snow at and I sang emotionally on stairs. Only for you guys. Yep, that’s just how much I love you.

Thanks to my very talented buddy Florian for joining me in this emotional Christmas adventure.

Filmed with an insanely old DV camera (by our trve frostbitten pal Gorghul, thanks!) and recorded @ Trash Town Studios, Germany. Have fun!


Vocals, Guitars & Percussion: Mario Dederichs
Keys & Percussion: Florian Langenbucher
Arranged and Mixed by: Mario Dederichs

Camera: Tobias Langenbucher
Editor: Mario Dederichs