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Pokémon / Power Rangers Theme Metal Cover

A metal cover / medley of both the Power Rangers Theme Song by The Mighty RAW (aka Go Go Power Rangers) and the Pokémon Theme Song (aka Gotta Catch ’em All).

Features metal guitars, shouting/screaming, metal vocals and very poorly done video editing!

We filmed this clip with our new super duper HD camera, yay! There are a lot of continuity errors, but we still had a lot of fun making it. I didn’t have so much fun editing it because my computer is a piece of shit. But I still like how it turned out.

Filmed in my former band Zero Division’s very own rehearsal space by ourselves. So people sometimes disappear in certain shots because they have to stand behind the camera.


Vocals & Guitars: Mario Dederichs
Guitars: Tobias Langenbucher
Bass & Shouts: Matthias Opitz
Drums: Hendrik Ossenbrink
Arranged and Mixed by: Mario Dederichs

Camera: All of the above
Editor: Mario Dederichs