Hey, I’m Mario!

And I make a whole lot of music. This website is mainly about that.

Here's what I do:

I sing

I’m a professional-grade rock vocalist with 10+ years of experience both live and in the studio

I compose

I’m a writer and arranger for (mostly) video game music with a soft spot for chiptunes, heavy metal, and ’90s eurodance (sorry!)

I produce

From first draft to demo to finished track, I strive to make promising musical projects fulfill their potential

I educate

I’m a band coach, promoter, music blogger and vocal coach — and I like to help where I can, when I can.

Here's some of the projects I've been part of:



Worked as the primary composer on Austrian retro-inspired tactical role-playing game.

Vampires Dawn Series


Contributed music to the German-language RPG series, most notably to “Vampires Dawn II: Ancient Blood” and the upcoming “Vampires Dawn III: The Crimson Realm”.

Aphelion: Episodes One and Two


Wrote the soundtrack to American-German two-part Xbox Live Indie RPG series.

Music speaks louder than words, so here’s some demos:

However, these tracks are pretty old and dusty, but I haven’t had the time to update my virtual portfolio. But it’s super high on my to-do list and I pinky promise to upload new stuff very soon. Don’t go too far away!

I also do heavy metal covers on YouTube:

Here are three songs I’m particularly proud of.

Please note that these videos link to YouTube. You will be leaving my server and my area of responsibility, privacy-wise.

Our Darkest Dreams

Rock Vocal Medley

You’re Not Alone! (Final Fantasy IX) – Nobou Uematsu
Scars of Time (Chrono Cross) – Yasunori Mitsuda

Ylvis — The Fox

Metal Cover

Metal cover of “The Fox” (also known as “What Does the Fox Say?”) originally by Norwegian duo Ylvis.


Heavy Metal Medley

Arrangement of the “Power Rangers Theme Song” by The Mighty RAW (aka “Go Go Power Rangers”) and the “Pokémon Theme Song”